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How do we silence our conscience?

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Imagine for a moment, a hungry child, tired, scared, and alone. In addition, imagine walking past this child on your way to work one morning. Would you stop? Would you want to ensure this child is okay? Would you want to ensure this child received something to eat? I have no doubt that you would stop and provide whatever assistance you were able.

In our day-to-day lives, most of us could not pass by this child without providing some assistance, yet far too many children in this world exist under exactly those conditions. Often times, these children live in conditions of extreme poverty, where even those around them simply DO NOT STOP. Many do have the resources to help though and it is our duty as global citizens to do try and do so.

It can be tempting to simply say that problems in other countries are not our problems. It can be tempting to say that someone else is responsible to alleviate the suffering of those crushed by poverty in other countries. The fact is though that country lines are just imaginary lines, lines drawn by kings & queens, politicians, and others in positions of power. We are all citizens of this earth and our duty to help does not end at the borders of our respective countries but it does end with what we tell ourselves in order to feel better and in an attempt to silence our conscience.

At Remedia Trust Foundation, we are working hard to alleviate the suffering of children in the direst of conditions. We are there, providing food, medical services, education, and above all, hope. We are giving hope to children that their future can be better than there current situation. Your donation can help us continue this important work. Please join us in making a difference and do review our work before you make that decision ( Thank you.

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