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About Us

Remedia emerges as a confluence of diverse charitable endeavours, encompassing the organizations you've recently acquainted yourself with. Orchestrated by Jillian Haslam and her dedicated team, this initiative operates across India, the UK, and select African nations. Jillian, an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and philanthropist, traverses a remarkable path, rising from the slums of India to her current residence in the UK.

While she now resides in the UK, Jillian frequently embarks on journeys all over the world. Her life's mission revolves around uplifting the marginalized from all walks of life across different generations and countries. She aspires to infuse hope into lives overshadowed by discouragement, fear, rejection, abandonment, and setbacks.

Having experienced and overcome the depths of despair first-hand, Jillian recognizes the plight of countless individuals barely surviving. Just like you, she understands the profound impact one person can wield in transforming lives.


The absence of sanitation, clean water scarcity, unreliable electricity, and a fundamental lack of law-and-order protection paint a stark reality faced daily.


Meet Jyoti and Arti, living in these challenging circumstances. Their father's occupation involves sweeping floors, while their mother works as a maid. Amidst financial constraints, even affording rent becomes a struggle, let alone providing for basic sustenance.

Education stands as the beacon of hope for Arti and Jyoti, yet

conventional schools fall short of meeting their needs. Hence, they find refuge in Remedia's Happy Hearts program, specifically study center 4, where they acquire English and other subjects. Through this, they cultivate the belief in a brighter future, defying the limitations the world often imposes.

You've likely encountered the notion that a single individual can catalyze change. YOU CAN. These sisters epitomize how your contribution can elevate the less fortunate. When you extend your support to Remedia, you are fostering hope for a promising future for Arti, Jyoti, other children, women, young men, the disabled, and the elderly poor. As you continue reading, you'll witness the transformative power of hope within each of these groups.

Perhaps a particular group resonates more deeply with your heart—be it girls in the slums, autistic children, or unemployed youth. Remedia's mission encompasses lifting those in need across generations. We've established charities to serve each of these segments.

However, a challenge persists: at every level, there's a growing number of individuals unable to access assistance due to limited resources or a dearth of trained personnel.


Remedia directs its efforts towards uplifting individuals within six distinct categories:

  • Underprivileged Children

  • Unemployed Youth and Young Adults Girls

  • Young Women and Women in Adulthood

  • Individuals with Disabilities

  • Economically Disadvantaged Elderly


Underprivileged Children: Every child deserves a chance. Do you agree? Join us in making a difference for kids across various regions, each facing unique challenges.

Our efforts encompass:

  • Autistic children excluded from traditional schools

  • Children with conditions like thalassemia, AIDS, and cerebral palsy

  • Impoverished and illiterate children

  • Visually impaired children

  • Children denied education due to their caste or economic status


Through Remedia and Happy Hearts, you can become the friend and

role model these children yearn for. You have the power to provide them with education, healthcare, self-confidence, and renewed hope for a remarkable life.

Our initiatives extend to children across the world.

Unemployed Youth Facing Discouragement

In an increasingly challenging world, the burden often falls heaviest on the shoulders of young adults. As they transition into adulthood, they hold onto the hope of securing employment and creating a path to a brighter future.

Yet, what greets them? Disheartenment, disillusionment, and the sight of doors slammed shut.

Your intervention can provide Education, Employability, and Empowerment (E3) to young individuals worldwide. You have the power to :

Impoverished Women Seeking Assistance What about the adults?

Numerous women also grapple with severe poverty. This is where the children stem from. Many of the children benefiting from our Happy Hearts centers have mothers who are now being supported by Remedia's latest initiative, known as the Mother Teresa Award Project. However, the reach of this endeavour goes beyond just mothers; it encompasses women facing financial hardships from various walks of life.

These women are provided with guidance, counselling, and assistance for their fundamental needs, along with job skill training.


This charity derives its name from our program director, Jillian Haslam, who was honoured with the 2017 Mother Teresa Memorial International Award for her contributions to social causes. Given that Mother Teresa's efforts were notably focused on impoverished women, we chose to name this charity in her honour.

Disabled People

Individuals with disabilities often face unjust blame for their circumstances. They're told that their condition is due to karma from a previous life or the result of something their parents did.

At times, their families do want to help, but their own poverty prevents them from adequately caring for them.

Through this Disabled initiative, you can extend a helping hand to these invaluable individuals. Provide them with nourishment, a sense of belonging, a supportive community, and essential healthcare.

Supporting the Elderly in Poverty

Imagine the anguish of being abandoned by your own family, left to fend for yourself as you grow older.

Venture into the urban slums and witness this heart-breaking reality. Numerous elderly individuals in poverty roam aimlessly without anyone to offer assistance. However, with Aging Smiles, you have the power to make a difference. Extend a helping hand to provide them with a sense of belonging, opportunities to forge new friendships, and the essential support they require for their basic needs.

Two Visions – Immediate and Future

Some people just need help to live. They have immediate needs. These include the disabled, the elderly poor, and many kids with diseases or who live in extreme poverty.

Other people are living, but have no future. They need job skills, self-confidence, better role models, and people who cheer for their success.

Remedia works on both fronts – we meet immediate needs, and we develop programs that will pay off in the years to come.

You can give to either of these visions.

Scroll back up and choose which part of the their world you wish to impact with your generosity. You can give time, money, or specific items, you can even teach or volunteer or just speak to them to show you care.


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