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Empower Overlooked Women and Mothers: Be the Source of Change

In a landscape where government support remains elusive and other organizations fall short, your influence can make a resounding difference. ​ Unseen, unheard, and left behind, the women in slums endure lives marked by hopelessness and deprivation. Daily struggles, fear, and unsanitary conditions paint their existence. The pangs of hunger and the battle for survival define each passing day.


And amidst these challenges, many of these women are mothers, responsible for nurturing the next generation. For them, Remedia's Happy Hearts program emerges as a lifeline, providing vital sustenance, education, and medical care to their children.


You too hold the power to extend care to these marginalized women. Your support communicates that someone out there genuinely cares. It signifies the restoration of their smiles and the rekindling of belief in a brighter tomorrow.


Specifically, consider the transformative impact you can make for each woman entering the Happy Hearts Women’s centre:

  • Equipping them with employable skills like stitching, fabric dyeing, and needlework

  • Ensuring they receive a weekly meal

  • Offering coaching and counseling to conquer personal challenges

  • Reviving their sense of hope and the belief in a better life ahead

Under the umbrella of the Mother Teresa Project, spearheaded by Remedia's Program Director, Jillian Haslam, you become a beacon of change. Jillian's recognition with the Mother Teresa International Memorial Award in September 2017 echoes your contributions to Remedia's transformative initiatives. The Mother Teresa Project embodies the great saint's legacy, aiming to uplift the most destitute among us.

By extending your care and love, you echo Mother Teresa's ethos, touching lives one person at a time. These women and children, who have so little, now have the chance for something more, all because of you. Your generosity has the power to rewrite their narratives of struggle into stories of empowerment and hope.

2017 Mother Teresa Memorial International Award
(Mother House - 2017)

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