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Jillian Haslam, esteemed motivational speaker and humanitarian, was honored with the prestigious "Role Model of The Year" Finalist award by the Advertiser Newspaper. This recognition was earned in light of her outstanding contributions, specifically for her impactful engagements with a multitude of schools across the United Kingdom. Her dedication to inspiring and empowering the younger generation has not only left a lasting impact but has also positioned her as an exemplary role model in her field.

Empowerment for Lifelong Success: Restoring Confidence and Transforming Lives

In today's world, many young individuals find themselves grappling with fear, anger, and a diminishing sense of hope. The aspirations of a future akin to the previous generations seem to be slipping away, and there's a valid rationale behind this apprehension.

The landscape that Britain's youth navigate today is markedly distinct from that of the preceding three generations. The pursuit of stable employment has become increasingly arduous, and the assurances that education once held are becoming fragile as uncertainties loom on the horizon. As a consequence, some young minds are succumbing to despondency.

Amidst this backdrop, your intervention can be a beacon of hope. You have the unique ability to uplift the spirits of Britain's youth, empowering them not only to excel academically but also to thrive in the challenging job market that awaits them.

Through your support, you can reignite their sense of confidence and pave the way for a prosperous future. By equipping them with the tools to succeed in their studies and beyond, you contribute to the transformation of lives and the fortification of their aspirations.

Let's unite to be the catalysts for positive change. By fostering resilience and fostering their potential, we can guide the next generation towards a future of promise and possibility. Your involvement matters, as it has the power to shape destinies and inspire the leaders and achievers of tomorrow.

Empowering Student Success in an Evolving Landscape

The current generation of young individuals, currently navigating secondary school, sixth form, polytechnics, and early university, stands at the precipice of a future unparalleled in its uniqueness.

The rapid advancement of technology is reshaping entire industries, ushering in an era of transformative change. However, as these industries evolve, many once-thriving job opportunities are vanishing, leaving a void in their wake. Graduates armed with impressive qualifications and degrees are entering a job market that seems devoid of promising prospects, leading some to settle for positions that don't align with their aspirations, such as jobs in the restaurant industry.

The gravity of this situation cannot be underestimated. Without intervention, the repercussions for our nation's future could be dire.

Yet, there is a solution within our grasp. Your involvement can help students not only navigate but thrive in this evolving landscape. By providing support, mentorship, and resources, you empower them to adapt, innovate, and seize opportunities amidst the uncertainty. Together, we can equip these young minds to become the change-makers, entrepreneurs, and leaders that our society needs.

Let's come together to safeguard our country's future. By nurturing the potential of our youth, we can counter the potential disastrous effects of current trends and pave the way for a brighter, more promising tomorrow. Your support matters now more than ever before.

Empowering Britain's Students: Your Path to Making a Difference

You possess the incredible potential to drive change and uplift the prospects of Britain's students. Through Remedia's impactful UK Youth E3 program—focused on Empowerment, Education, and Employability—you can play a pivotal role in shaping their future success.

UK Youth E3 serves as a dynamic platform that imparts crucial knowledge and skills, equipping students with the tools needed to flourish in the modern economy. This transformative journey unfolds through a two-pronged approach, blending the expertise of entrepreneurs, business trainers, coaches, and motivational speakers in live, in-person training sessions.

Here's how you can contribute to this transformative endeavor:

1. Empowering Students in Schools: Engage with students through powerful speeches and presentations that delve into

Talk to students on The 10 Habits that will Accelerate Corporate Success

self-empowerment, confidence-building, and motivation. By sharing your insights, you become a source of inspiration, guiding them towards a path of self-discovery and resilience.

2.    Enriching Young Adults: Contribute to vocational training workshops designed for young adults, providing them with real-world job skills in areas such as administration, secretarial tasks, and beautician skills. Your involvement paves the way for their skill development and career readiness, enhancing their employability.Your participation in the UK Youth E3 program signifies your commitment to fostering a generation equipped to thrive in the complexities of the modern world. Together, we can empower these young minds to embrace challenges, seize opportunities, and forge a path of success that aligns with their aspirations. Your contribution matters, as it has the potential to shape the trajectory of countless lives and contribute to a stronger, more resilient society.

A Crucial Need for Support Among Students and Young Adults.

There exists an urgent yearning for the kind of assistance that can shape the trajectories of students and young adults alike.

A study conducted by the British Council has highlighted a pressing concern: many young individuals believe that educational institutions prioritize grades over essential life skills, such as financial literacy and mental well-being. This disparity is glaring, as it leaves a gap between what is taught and what is necessary for navigating the complexities of life.

Equally significant is the revelation that a substantial portion of working young people find themselves ill-prepared for the demands of the professional world. This sentiment is underscored by the fact that they face challenges in securing suitable housing and accessing viable career opportunities.

These sentiments resonate across various demographics, encompassing multi-generational Britons and recent immigrants alike. The demand for guidance is universal, as all individuals require the tools to succeed in a landscape where traditional career paths are fading, making way for algorithms and automation.

Addressing this need for support is paramount. By providing relevant education and resources, we can empower students and young adults to navigate this shifting landscape with confidence and competence. Your involvement can bridge the gap between aspiration and reality, ensuring that they are equipped to thrive in a world where adaptability and innovation are paramount.

Introducing E3: Revolutionizing Education, Empowerment, and Employability

E3 embodies a transformative journey that stands for Education, Empowerment, and Employability. Unlike conventional programs, E3 is distinctive in its approach — we bring the training directly to the students.

Our workshops, conducted within school premises, transcend the concept of after-school programs. Instead, we deliver an immersive and interactive experience within the school environment itself.

These workshops offer practical training in a range of critical areas, including :

  • Public Speaking: Fostering the confidence to address audiences effectively, a valuable asset for career growth.

  • Interview Preparation: Equipping students with the skills to excel in interviews.

  • Personal Presentation and Hygiene: Instilling professional appearance standards.

  • Empowerment Strategies: Guiding students to overcome setbacks, disappointments, and failures.

  • Internship Connections: Facilitating opportunities for valuable real-world experiences.

  • Transitioning to the Corporate World: Navigating the shift from campus life to professional settings.

  • Accelerating Corporate Success: Cultivating habits that propel career advancement.


This is just the beginning; there's much more to explore.

Our vocational training workshops cater to young adults, endowing them with practical skills that are in high demand. These include proficiency in Microsoft Office applications, basic computer skills, communication etiquette, customer service excellence, administrative tasks, and more.

Participants in our vocational programs emerge with a wealth of new skills, opening doors to job opportunities that were previously inaccessible. Through E3, the cycle of poverty, despair, and confinement is replaced with a new narrative of hope, confidence, and determination. Each individual who completes our training emerges equipped to carve a path towards success, armed with newfound skills and a rejuvenated outlook on life.

Discover Deeper Insights into Youth E3

Explore the dynamic possibilities of collaboration between schools, businesses, and individuals like yourself. Together, we can shape a transformative future of hope and success for the youth of Britain who are facing challenges.

Transforming Futures with Just £5

Empowering the next generation is within reach, and your contribution of £5 can be the catalyst for change. Our trainings are poised to ignite a resurgence in thousands of young individuals, rendering them empowered and ready for the workforce.

Identifying an empowered youth is straightforward. Here's a glimpse of what sets them apart:

An empowered young adult doesn't merely let things happen; they make things happen.

This is precisely the mission of the E3 program — to equip students with the skills to take initiative and shape their futures before external forces discourage them from trying.

For a mere £5 per student, you can empower them by bringing exceptional speakers and trainers to their schools. These experts will open their eyes to the realities of the world that awaits them. Yes, it can be daunting, and their concerns are valid. Our speakers don't shy away from this truth. However, we won't leave them disheartened and apprehensive. The world is already doing a fine job of that.

Instead, we will provide them with the tools to navigate this new world with confidence. We will teach them the secrets to not only surviving but thriving. Here's a glimpse of what they'll gain :

  • The Power of Attitude: Degrees get you in the door, but your attitude keeps you there.

  • Embracing Hard Work: Easy-to-land careers will be a rarity; hard work will be essential.

  • 'Meta' Job Skills: Skills that transcend industries, making them adaptable in an ever-changing landscape.

  • Entrepreneurial Skillsets: Preparing students for the demand in entrepreneurial ventures.

  • Vision for the Future: Encouraging a personal vision that extends beyond a single job or industry.

  • Building Personal Confidence: Providing a supportive environment for self-belief.

    This is merely a glimpse of what E3 offers.

    School students will perceive their education in a new light and formulate post-education plans that extend beyond university aspirations. Vocational students will gain the confidence needed to secure jobs requiring tangible skills.

    If your goal is to mold today's students into tomorrow's trailblazers, E3 delivers unparalleled, honest, and empowering training and workshops that will leave an indelible mark on their journey towards success. Your £5 can spark a revolution, shaping lives and setting the stage for a brighter, more empowered tomorrow.


Ignite Change: Your Impact Starts Here

The potential for transformation is just a step away. With approximately five pounds, you can initiate a ripple of impact through one student's life during our presentations.

Consider this :

A contribution of £20 can reignite the future for four students.

An investment of £50 empowers a group of ten.

Imagine the possibilities with £500, which can fill an entire lecture hall with a hundred eager minds!

Join us in empowering today's youth for the enigmatic world that lies ahead. Make a difference by donating to UK Youth E3. Your support is a beacon of hope, propelling young individuals towards a future of resilience, adaptability, and boundless potential.

“Never under-estimate the life-changing power of a single well-executed presentation.”


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