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Empowering Girls (E3)

For women residing in impoverished conditions within expansive urban slums and surrounding areas, breaking free from poverty isn't solely about aspiration or ambition. Instead, it hinges greatly on the availability of opportunities.

While certain nations have progressed to some extent, their institutions struggle to cater to the overwhelming needs of their extensive populace. Schools are often overcrowded and insufficient to address the demands, leading many to be left behind or entirely excluded.

This is where your involvement becomes paramount, particularly through the E3 Vocational Training Schools. E3 represents Education, Empowerment, and Employability.

With E3, your impact transcends mere survival. You empower individuals with vital job skills and the chance to break the cycle of poverty for themselves and future generations.

These highly specialized programs offer practical, sought-after job skills within workshop-based environments. The training is hands-on, led by experienced instructors.

The following vocational training programs are currently available through E3 and Remedia.


Running five days a week over a span of six months, this comprehensive program equips women with skills tailored for employment in beauty salons and retail establishments.

With a growing demand for these skills in the market, women who acquire them now gain the potential to elevate their income stability and break free from the hopelessness that arises from persistent poverty.

The curriculum covers a range of beauty expertise, including:


  • Facial cleansing and exfoliation

  • Manicures and pedicures

  • Scalp and body massage

  • Hair cutting and styling

  • Threading techniques

  • Eyelash shaping

  • Bridal makeup application


Upon completing the program, women are empowered to work within established salons or given adequate motivation and support, venture into entrepreneurship by establishing their own beauty businesses.


Offered over six months on a five-day-a-week schedule, this comprehensive course empowers women with fundamental office competencies, enabling them to apply for entry-level positions in urban centers.

The curriculum encompasses a diverse range of skills, including:

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

  • Basic computer operation and typing skills

  • Administrative tasks such as supply ordering and appointment scheduling

  • Effective communication, encompassing letter writing, faxing, and email correspondence.

  • In-person and telephone-based customer service techniques

  • Coordination of business trips and itinerary planning

  • Introduction to bookkeeping and vendor relations

  • Professional business attire guidelines

  • Personal development strategies

  • Expert insights on excelling in job interviews


The breadth of subjects covered in this program is substantial. Graduates acquire a plethora of new skills, subsequently unlocking numerous job opportunities that were previously inaccessible to them.

Through this course, the once prevailing sentiments of poverty, despondency, and entrapment give way to hope, confidence, and a resolute determination for every woman who undergoes this transformative journey.


Numerous countries are renowned for their vibrant and diverse array of clothing and attire. E3's Fashion and Designing Academy empowers women in impoverished circumstances by equipping them with the skills required to engage in this thriving industry.

Over the course of six months, the Fashion and Designing Academy imparts essential skills to women, enabling them to pursue one of three avenues:

  • Securing a tailoring position with an established company or business owner.

  • Participating in a tailoring enterprise established by us.

  • Initiating and managing their own tailoring business.

Through your invaluable support, Remedia furnishes the sewing machines and materials necessary for all women to complete their coursework. The curriculum encompasses a range of skills including sewing techniques, design principles, and embroidery methods. Upon completion, an end-of-course examination assesses their mastery of these proficiencies, leading to certification.


This embodies the core vision of E3. Our goal extends beyond mere subsistence. It's about effecting profound change in lives and disrupting the unyielding cycle of poverty, particularly prevalent in sprawling slum areas where established routines and limited expectations forge lasting patterns, hindering millions from accessing a brighter future.

Through your invaluable contribution, these women will achieve more than the acquisition of job-specific skills in vocational training programs. They will cultivate the self-assurance to venture out and establish their own enterprises or collaborate with fellow aspirants.

While hundreds of women have already benefited from these courses, the demand is surging exponentially. Our Facebook posts and comments are attracting responses from tens of thousands.

Women are eager to participate. They yearn for the opportunities these courses offer.

However, we can achieve so much more. With increased support from compassionate individuals like you, who are committed to tackling poverty at its root, we can extend the reach of these impactful vocational training programs to numerous additional cities.


You've encountered distressing tales of abuse, assault, and injustices targeting women and girls across the globe.

At Remedia, our commitment extends beyond imparting safety awareness to girls. We take immense pride in nurturing their self-assurance to confront any situation, to raise their voice and seek assistance when needed.

The Empowering Girls program encompasses more than physical safety—it addresses their mental well-being in various contexts, be it on the streets, at home, in school, or within the workplace. Equipping girls with skills ranging from beauty and tailoring to secretarial and computer proficiency, the program also extends academic support and assistance.

Within Remedia's E3 Job Growth program, we now offer 1-year and 6-month vocational training courses. These courses cater to women of all ages seeking employment opportunities but lacking the necessary skills.

For younger girls, Remedia's Happy Hearts schools provide a haven of educational support, offering tutoring, guidance, and mentorship that often remains elusive within overburdened government schools.

Our support encompasses financial aid, medical assistance, fee support, family assistance, clothing provisions, and daily necessities. The scope of aid can be overwhelming, yet we stand resilient, fuelled by the unwavering belief that through fostering confidence and self-belief, these girls can not only survive but thrive.


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