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Vocational Tailoring and Computer Training Program Lifts Women Out of Slum Poverty

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Program Bursting with More Applicants than Rooms Can Hold

They’ve had enough. So many young women and girls living in Indian slums are desperate to escape the crushing poverty their families have known for generations.

What they need is opportunity. And opportunity is now reaching some of them in the form of vocational tailoring and computer skills training courses through a partnership between E3 Job Growth and the Rotary Salt Lake of Kolkata, India.

This ground-breaking partnership has the potential to lift thousands of young women and girls out of the slums, and into wage-earning careers that will provide for their families, give them hope to escape despair, and alter the course of their lives.

For many of these women, they married young and have several kids they’re struggling to provide for. For others, they’ve completed school, but have nowhere to go next. Their fathers and husbands are often working hard labour jobs like pulling rickshaws and cleaning garbage. Injuries, sickness, disease, poor sanitation and a lack of health care mean they’re constantly living one step away from destitution.

There’s not enough income, and too much need.

But as you’re about to see, helping the poor doesn’t have to mean just keeping them alive. For young people, it means giving them opportunity.

Because with opportunity, anything is possible.

For those who will do whatever it takes to have hope for a better life, they’ll jump at it. And that’s what these girls and young women are doing.

Job-Creating Vocational Tailoring Program

Girls have come home to their parents wearing the same clothes they learned how to make in the 1-year vocational tailoring program. When they show them to their parents, everyone is overjoyed and very excited. Why?

Because it’s not just clothing. What they’re wearing represents opportunity.

As they build skills throughout the year, they’re being prepared one of three possible opportunities:

  • Get a job using their skill for someone else

  • Work in a tailoring business we are setting up for them

  • Start their own tailoring business

The Rotary provides the sewing machines and other equipment. E3 Job Growth Remedia – through donations from people like you – pays for the location and all other expenses. The program teaches tailoring, sewing, design, and embroidery, and includes year-end exams.

The greatest challenge right now is that we’re limited by very confined spaces. We have only two tiny rooms to work in for this and the computer skills course, but there are hundreds of young women who want to take these courses.

Right now, we’re doing two shifts twice a day for 40 girls. For just £1500, we could double the space and double the number of young women who can gain employable skills and escape the slums. That’s just £1500 for an entire year, for twice as many women as are now in the program.

Skill-Building Computer Training

Besides tailoring, many other girls and young women have chosen to learn computer skills.

They learn typing, Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, as well as other office automation concepts. These skills will enable them to get jobs in offices, at front desks, and in other businesses.

If you’re unfamiliar, E3 stands for Education, Empowerment, and Employability. The 6-month basic computer training course hits all three. Women will leave this program empowered to go out and get good jobs they never could have gotten before.

They’ll be able to :

  • Care for their children’s needs

  • Send them to school

  • Show them an example of self-confidence and taking initiative

  • Escape a life of crushing poverty that has seemed hopeless for generations

This is why E3 is so exciting. Because when you empower young adults with skills that help them escape poverty, you’re changing the future not just for them, but for everyone who comes after them.

You’re removing the need for future life-saving charity work like feeding hungry and destitute people. Remedia serves those people too through Aging Smiles, which feeds and cares for people too old and frail to make the changes these young women are now making because of help from people like you. We do work to meet immediate needs for people who have no other option.

But E3 is about the future. E3 is about the elimination of poverty for the current generation and the ones that follow.

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