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About India Disabled

4 Ways Your Help Gives Everyone a Chance

When you give to India’s Disabled, you’re joining a strong network of teams and workers who have devoted their lives to helping disabled people – adults, elderly, and children – in India’s slums and outlying areas. Here are the four ways you can help India’s Disabled.

1. Meet Basic Needs. Your help provides basic needs for all the people with disabilities we can reach. This means food, water, shelter, and companionship – someone who’s there to talk and listen and be a friend.

2. Give Medical and Emergency Care. This is why we need a Mobile Medical Unit. There are disabled people all over the place, most with no one to help them.

And when they have a medical emergency, the seconds that tick by can mean the difference between life and death. We have to reach them in time, because India’s emergency services simply can’t handle the demand.

3. Help Autistic Children. You can give India’s autistic kids a complete program that helps them develop and receive the care and love they deserve.


4. Care for Other Disabled Kids. Your partnership means help for blind kids, those with cerebral palsy, and those with physical deformities who need more than just the basics. India doesn’t have the systems in place to care for these kids. Without your help, they would be begging on the streets and hungry. But worst of all, they’d be living with rejection and hopelessness every single minute of every day.


Donna Anderson heads up the program for autistic children. She loves helping kids who can’t help themselves and has devoted her entire life to this.

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