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A little about us

Remedia Trust is one of the renowned non-profit organizations in India that offers its services for the betterment of the people living below the poverty line.

Remedia Trust's mission is to provide a platform, that allows corporates and individuals to help the less fortunate, in the way that works best for them, safe in the knowledge that they can see how their contribution is making a difference smile at a time. The Philanthropist Jillian Haslam, the founder of the organization has come forward to make the difference.

This enables Remedia to be the catalyst for the transformation that is achieved by pooling the ideas, time and resources of our contributors; providing stewardship and direction to our volunteers that delivers sustainable long term improvements in the lives of our beneficiaries.

Consider this – close to half of the population of the world lives on less than a $2.50 a day. What would you be able to buy with this small sum of money? A cup of coffee at Starbucks would cost that much. Yet 3 billion people live their daily lives on this tiny sum of money. Still their lot is a great deal better than the 1.3 billion who live on less than $1.25 (half a cup of Starbucks coffee) a day. It’s appalling and a crying shame. 22000 children die due to poverty every single day! For this reason, Remedia Trust provides the platform for donations for charity.

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How can we let this happen? How can we let children die of poverty? It is very much in our hands to step in and stop these massacres from happening, for this is what they are. Our not lifting a finger to address these issues is as bad as allowing Hitler to march the Jews to the gas chambers by the millions. According to the World Food Programme, The poor are hungry and their hunger traps them in poverty? More people die of hunger, than of any other cause - a telling commentary on the state of mankind. We would commit billions on sending man to far off planets like Mars, yet not care for the hungry child dying on a pavement in some hot and dusty third world street right here on our planet?

I know what it feels to be that sick and neglected child on some dusty third world street, bereft of any hope, wondering when I would get my next meal. I along with my brothers and sisters lived in squalor and filth in the slums of Calcutta, not knowing the security of a roof over our heads, and watching one sibling after another die of starvation and disease. Yet with the little help we got from some well disposed people, some of whom were as desperate as us, we managed to survive. We had access to free education, and that eventually helped us script an unbelievable story of coming out of poverty and achieving more than our most frenzied dreams.

Assistance in any form and of any size can help. From salaried individuals, professionals, small time businessmen to corporate head honchos, multinational companies, governments and aid organizations-everybody needs to pitch in. The help can be in the shape of money, expertise, voluntary work, training or howsoever one wish to go about it. But there is not a minute to lose, because somewhere there is an innocent little child whose dies in her mothers arms, an elderly person whose fever wont go or a worried father who is unable to feed his children due to being too weak himself. Go out and embrace these people as your own. With just a little help from any one of us, they could not only live but live with hope, just as we do!

Imagine finding unstoppable courage, persistence, and attitude to succeed, never mind the impossible odds stacked against you. What wouldn’t you do to be that person? In her book, Indian.English., Jillian Haslam shares her own hard to believe but entirely true story, in which she did just that. Hers is an extra-ordinary tale of enduring extreme poverty, homelessness, abuse and starvation and yet being able to forge a highly successful international career in banking and later public speaking and motivational training. With her captivating and awe inspiring message about pushing past one’s fears and overcoming adversity Jillian routinely helps people reach higher levels of personal empowerment and success.

To know more about Jillian and her work please visit / /


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