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    Give Life, Care, Confidence, and a Future

    Lift Up the Poor in India and the United Kingdom

Change the World for the People-Groups You Care for the Most

Choose 1 of the 6 Charities in the Remedia Network, and Help the
Poor Kids, Slum Girls, Young Adults, Elderly, Disabled

Give Ishita a Future

Suffering from thalassemia and hepatitis C, 6-year-old Ishita needs regular transfusions and treatment to grow up like the other kids.

Support India’s Kids and give education, medical treatment, food, and hope to poor kids in India’s slums like Ishita.

Explore India’s Kids

Break Extreme Poverty’s
Stranglehold in India

Young men and women from the slums want to work and advance. But they’re trapped in a system that gives them no opportunity.

You can change that. Support E3 Job Growth for young people. Empower them with job skills for the future.

Explore E3 Job Growth

E3 Vocational Trainings

For women living in poverty in India’s large urban slums and outlying areas, escaping poverty has little to do with desire or ambition. It has much more to do with opportunity.

You can stand up with girls who want to grow in confidence for the future.

Explore Empowering Girls

Show Compassion for the Left-to-Die Disabled

Deepak Pandey lost both hands in a childhood accident. Now, he has no one in his life to help him live.

Be a friend, and meet Deepak's needs for food, shelter, medical care, and a place to belong.

Explore India’s Disabled

Restore Hope for India’s Abandoned and Forgotten Aged

Jean Smith wanders the streets of India just to live. No family support. No home. Too old and frail to help herself.

Show kindness to the aged and elderly poor whose families can’t or won’t help them.

Explore Aging Smiles

Empower Britain’s Students to
Thrive in the New Economy

Education is no longer enough. Tech is replacing many traditional careers. Today’s students need soft skills, personal confidence, and an entrepreneur’s understanding of jobs, money, and business.

Give Britain’s youth the empowerment they need to succeed.

Explore UK Ed

About our Remedia

Award Winning Impact

Founder Jillian Haslam has racked up numerous awards. Her most recent – the 2017 Mother Teresa International Award – is evidence of the profound impact Remedia has had in India and elsewhere. See Photos

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What is Remedia?

Remedia is a network of 6 charities from India to the UK that works to lift up the poor from every generation. We help the poor in two ways.

  • Immediate Needs. Food, medical care, and shelter. Your donations save lives, especially of the elderly and disabled poor in India, who often have no one else who cares about them.
  • Life Transformation. Job and skill training, personal empowerment, treatable disease management. Your donations change the future for slum girls, disillusioned and unskilled youth, and innocent kids turned away by the systems that are supposed to help them.

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