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Donor Spotlight: Giving Independence and Inclusion to India’s Disabled Poor

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Delighted Donors Give 9 Wheelchairs

When Patrick and Elizabeth Howe heard about India’s disabled poor, some of whom had no way at all to get around, they just couldn’t sit back and do nothing.

So, they reached out to Remedia program director Jillian Haslam and asked her how they could help. Jillian gave them a very practical and simple answer:

They need wheelchairs.

the howes gave money for nine wheelchairs for some of india’s disabled poor

Makes sense, right? You see, giving to help the disabled poor isn’t much of a mystery. As the Howe’s put it, “Saint Teresa of Calcutta said it is not how much you give but how much love you put into the giving.”

The Howe’s were especially moved to action by this need because their own son used a wheelchair too. They couldn’t imagine him having no wheelchair to get around. It’s hard enough not being able to walk. But to not be able to move at all without someone else carrying you?

So the Howe’s gave enough money to pay for nine wheelchairs for some of India’s disabled poor, from all ages and with many types of disabilities. You can see some of them in the pictures below.

donors give wheelchairs to india’s disabled poor including these three adultsthese-two-disabled-young-men-receive-wheelchairs-from-donors-to-Remedia’s-India’s-Disabled-charity

After giving and seeing these pictures and the new mobility and independence they’ve made possible, the Howes felt an overflowing delight from the very tangible difference they’d made in the lives of these nine people. They felt a “connection and a oneness.”

Giving to meet a real need changes you on the inside in a way nothing else can. For them, giving isn’t just about the person you’re helping. It also gives the donor “a sense of meaning and purpose.”

In other words, being comfortable and having a good job isn’t enough if you want real joy and satisfaction in life. There’s something more, and the Howes have tapped into it.

But, there are many more disabled poor in India who still can’t do the simplest things like make it to the bathroom or try to get food. Truly, the simplest things. We’re talking just staying alive.

Do You Want to Meet Real World Needs Too?

If you’d like to explore ways to help the disabled poor, find out more about India’s Disabled here.

Remedia has seven charities in all, meeting with all sorts of real world needs in India and the UK. Click the button below and choose the people you want to help most.

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