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Remedia’s Network of Charities

Help lift the poor from every generation, including people like Arti and Jyoti in India

Here’s How YOU Can Lift the Poor from EVERY Generation

No sanitation. Clean water is a big question every day. So is electricity, not to mention basic protection from law and order.

This is how sisters Jyoti and Arti live.

Their dad sweeps floors. Their mom is a maid. They can barely afford their rent, let alone food.

The only hope for Arti and Jyoti having a better life is education, and the regular schools aren’t meeting the need.

So, they attend Remedia’s Happy Hearts program, study center 4, where they learn English and other subjects. Now, they believe they can have a better future than the rest of the world tells them they can.

You’ve probably heard many times that one person can make a difference.

YOU CAN. And these sisters are just one example of how you can lift the poor. Because when you give to Remedia, you’re helping Arti, Jyoti, other kids, women, young men, the disabled, and the elderly poor in India and the UK have hope for the future. Keep reading to see what hope looks like for each of these groups.

Maybe your heart is drawn more strongly to a particular group of people. Like girls in the slums. Or autistic kids. Or jobless youth. Remedia’s mission is to lift the poor from every generation. We have a charity that serves each of these groups.

The problem is – at every level there are more poor people who can’t get help because of either a lack of resources or trained personnel.

Which Part of the World Do You Want to Touch?

Remedia focuses our work on six categories of people:

  • Poor Children
  • Jobless, Under-Employed Young Adults
  • Girls and Young Women
  • Adult Women
  • Disabled People
  • Elderly Poor

Scroll down to learn how you can help the poor in these six groups

Poor Children

Every child deserves a chance. Do you believe that? Then join us and devote yourself to helping kids in many different places, with many different needs.

We work with:

  • Autistic kids who’ve been sent away from school
  • Kids with diseases like thalassemia, AIDS, and cerebral palsy
  • Poor and illiterate kids
  • Blind kids
  • Kids who’ve been thrown out of school because they’re in a low caste or are too poor

Through Remedia and Happy Hearts, you can be the friend and role model they’re longing for. You can give them education, health, self-confidence, and new hope that they can live an amazing life.

We work with kids in India, the UK, and several nations in Africa.

Learn more about India’s Kids Learn more about UK Kids

Jobless, Under-Employed, and Discouraged Young Adults

Life’s getting harder almost everywhere, and the young people are bearing the worst of it. They’re coming into adulthood hoping for a job and the chance at a better life.

What are they finding? Discouragement, disappointment, and closed doors.

You can help give Education, Employability, and Empowerment (E3) to young people across the world. You can:

Girls and Young Women

Girls in India face injustice and fear like few on earth can understand. They live in a culture that does not consider them as fully human. No one will admit to this of course, but just look at the news and what happens to girls and young women in India and decide for yourself.

One young woman – Ayesha Noor – decided to do something about it. And you can help her empower hundreds of girls with self-defence skills.

Ayesha, a 3-time karate gold medallist who also suffers from epilepsy, teaches karate to girls in India. She helps them not to be afraid anymore, and to expect to be treated with the same respect as anyone else.

Learn more about Empowering Girls

Poor Adult Women

What about the adults? Many women in India suffer extreme poverty too. This is where the kids come from. Many kids in Happy Hearts have mothers who now get served by Remedia’s newest charity, called the Mother Teresa Award Project. But the scope is bigger than just mothers. It includes poor women from all walks of life.

These women receive coaching, counselling, and help with their basic needs, as well as job skill training.

This charity was named because our program director, Jillian Haslam, was awarded the 2017 Mother Teresa Award for her work in the slums of India’s cities. And since much of Mother Teresa’s work was devoted to poor women, we decided to name this charity after her.

Learn more about the Mother Teresa Award Project

Disabled People

In India, disabled people get blamed for their condition. It’s karma from a past life, they’re told. Or because of something their parents did.

Other times, their families do want to help, but are so poor they simply can’t care for them.

Through India’s Disabled, you can reach out to these precious human beings. Give them food, a place to be known, a community, and health care.

Learn more about India’s Disabled

Elderly Poor

What does it feel like to be left for dead by your own family?

Come to India’s urban slums and find out. Many elderly poor wander around with no one to help them. But through Aging Smiles, you can give them a place to belong, help them meet new friends, and provide for their basic needs.

Learn more about Aging Smiles

Remedia’s Story

Remedia is a combination of many different charities – all the ones you’ve just learned about. It is operated by Jillian Haslam and her team, working in India, the UK, and certain African nations. Jillian is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and philanthropist who grew up with nothing in the slums of India.

Now living in the UK but traveling back to India and elsewhere regularly, Jillian’s goal in life is to lift up the poor from every generation in every country she’s part of. To give people hope when all they’ve known is discouragement, fear, rejection, abandonment, and failure.

She has seen and lived life at its most desperate. She knows, like you, that far too many people are just barely living. And like you, she also knows how profound a difference one person can make.

Two Visions – Immediate and Future

Some people just need help to live. They have immediate needs. These include the disabled, the elderly poor, and many kids with diseases or who live in extreme poverty.

Other people are living, but have no future. They need job skills, self-confidence, better role models, and people who cheer for their success.

Remedia works on both fronts – we meet immediate needs, and we develop programs that will pay off in the years to come.

You can give to either of these visions.

Scroll back up and choose which part of the world you want to impact with your generosity. You can give time, money, or specific items.


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