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UK Youth E3

Britain’s Students Are Worried about the Future

Jillian Speaking to students in the UK (May 2018)

You Can Restore their Confidence
and Empower them to Succeed…for Life

They’re scared. They’re angry. They’re losing hope that they can have the same kind of life as previous generations.

And for good reason.

Britain’s youth today face a world unlike that of any of the three previous generations. Good jobs are getting harder to find and keep. The promises of education are hollowing out in a future of uncertainty. Some young people are giving up.

You can help.

You can empower Britain’s youth to succeed in school, and much more vital – after they enter the job market.

Save Britain’s Future. Empower the Youth for just £5 Per Student

You Can Help Students Thrive in This New, Uncertain Future

The young men and women now in secondary school, sixth form, polytechnics, and early university face a future unlike what any previous generation has seen.

Technology is erasing whole industries at a quickening pace. Many of the good jobs those industries produced are disappearing with them and being replaced with…nothing. Students are graduating with good grades and strong degrees, but finding a job market bereft of opportunity. So they take jobs at restaurants.

If this trend continues, the long term effect on our country will be disastrous.


How Can You Help Empower Britain’s Students?

By giving them access to Remedia’s UK Youth E3 program of Empowerment, Education, and Employability.

Through UK Youth E3, you’ll empower them with a renewed understanding of how to thrive in the modern economy. We do this in a two-pronged approach of live, in-person trainings taught by entrepreneurs, business trainers, coaches, and motivational speakers. The two ‘prongs’:

1) To Students In School – We deliver speeches and presentations to students about self-empowerment, confidence, and motivation

2) To Young Adults – We teach vocational training workshops for young adults that each real-world job skills like administration, secretarial, and beautician

Students and young adults desperately crave this kind of help.

A British Council study found that many young people feel like school focuses too much on grades, and not enough on vital skills like money management and mental health.

Even more revealing, half of working young people believe their education failed to prepare them for the world of work. And many feel left out of good housing and career options.

This is true across all demographics, from multi-generational Britons to recent immigrants. They ALL need to know how to succeed in a world where traditional careers are vanishing, being replaced by algorithms and automation.


What is E3, and Why Is It Different?

E3 stands for Education, Empowerment, and Employability.

It’s a comprehensive training that teaches employable skills and mind-improvement techniques. It’s different because we go to them.

The school-based workshops aren’t an after-school program students have to attend. We go right in the schools and deliver an intensive and interactive experience.

We give practical training in a number of areas, including:

  • Public speaking - students gain confidence in front of a room (a huge asset for employability)
  • Interview training and practice
  • Personal appearance and hygiene
  • Mind-changing empowerment – teach them how to overcome setbacks, disappointments, and failures
  • Connecting students with internship opportunities
  • And much more…

The vocational training workshops equip young adults with employable job skills they didn’t learn in school, but that remain in high demand, such as:

  • Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint
  • Basic computer skills and typing
  • Administrative duties, such as ordering supplies, making appointments
  • Communication skills – letters, faxes, emails
  • Customer service in person and on the phone
  • Planning business trips and itineraries
  • Bookkeeping and vendor development
  • Business attire
  • Personal development
  • How to ace a job interview


Vocational program participants emerge with so many new skills that many doors to job opportunities that were closed to them before will now be open.

Poverty, despair, and feeling trapped will be replaced with hope, confidence, and determination for every person who completes the trainings.

Learn Much More About Youth E3

Find out how schools, businesses, and you can come together to build a new future of hope and success for Britain’s struggling young people.

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£5 Can Change a Young Person’s Future

Our trainings will revitalize the next generation and produce thousands of empowered and employable youths.

You can spot an empowered youth easily. Here’s how:

An empowered young adult makes things happen, instead of letting things happen to them.

That’s the goal of the E3 program. To show students how to make things happen – before the world discourages them from trying.

For just £5 per student, you can empower students by sending amazing speakers and trainers to their schools who will open their eyes to the world that awaits them. It IS scary. They ARE right to be worried. Our speakers won’t hold back on that truth.

But we won’t leave them fearful and worried. The rest of the world is doing a fine job of that.

We’ll teach them how to navigate this new world with confidence and assurance. We teach them the secrets to surviving and thriving. Here’s a sample of what they’ll learn:

  • Attitude is more powerful than degrees and titles. A degree gets you in the door, but your attitude keeps you there
  • Hard work, not entitlement. Nothing will be handed to workers in the coming job future – including easy-to-land careers.
  • ‘Meta’ job skills that transcend specific companies and industries. If one industry dies out, which employees can shift over to new ones that rise up? The ones whose skills aren’t dependent on someone else teaching them
  • How to start a business – entrepreneurial skillsets will be in high demand. We teach students what’s out there and how to get in on it
  • Vision for the future. Students need a personal vision – a set of goals for their life that go beyond a single job or type of industry. What kind of person do you want to be? What kind of life do you want to live? Start there, and don’t be dependent on a single employer to determine your future.
  • Personal confidence. Students sometimes just need a cheerleader in their corner. Our presenters have been through the biggest challenges imaginable, and we will help young people believe in themselves again.

Again – this is just a sample of what’s available through E3.

School students will see their schoolwork in a fresh light, and develop a plan for what they can do afterward that’s bigger than just going to university and hoping a job still exists when they get out.

Vocational students will finally feel prepared to go out and get jobs that require actual skills. Confidence comes from knowing you can do something. That’s what E3 delivers.

If you want to turn today’s students into tomorrow’s change-makers, then give them the most real world, hold-nothing-back, honest and empowering trainings and workshops they’ll ever encounter.


Your Impact Starts Here

It costs about five pounds per student for one of our presentations.

For £20 you can re-open the future for four students.

For £50, you can empower ten.

For £500, you can fill up a lecture hall with a hundred!

Empower today’s youth for tomorrow’s uncertain world. Give to UK Youth E3.

Restore the Future for a Young Person

“Never under-estimate the life-changing power of a single well-executed presentation.”


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