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E3 Success Stories – Jobs and Education in India

Though the full E3 program hasn’t yet been activated due to its larger scope and not enough funding, we’ve been able to launch portions of it already. Here are some stories of young people who are determined to do something with their lives.


Sushmita Singh, 14 – Future Doctor

Living with her parents and two young siblings near the Uttarpara railway station, Sushmita has managed to go to school most of the time, but it has stretched her parents’ income to the limit.

She wasn’t getting all the help she needed and was missing out on many of the advanced skills and courses she will need if she’s going to escape the extreme poverty she’s known her whole life and achieve the big goals she has set for herself. How big are her goals? Keep reading…

Two years ago, Sushmita’s mother brought her to our study centre. We began teaching her English and gave her additional math and science instruction and tutoring that she never could have afforded otherwise.

She passed through the first section of our program, and is now in the senior section getting ready for the next level to prepare for college. Sushmita has had terrific attendance, and says our program “has turned out to be my life changing step.”

In addition to the academics, Sushmita has taken courses to learn mental discipline and success principles that will give her the chance to fulfil her dream of becoming a doctor. That’s a big goal, and she’s up to the task.

The problem is, how will she afford it? The answer is why the E3 model is so unique, and why your support makes such a huge impact. Our solution isn’t just to give all this to her. You can’t just give someone a career as a doctor.

When she’s ready, we’ll work with businesses in the area to find her some entry-level job placements. She’ll be able to use that income to help pay for her college.

Sushmita is just one young person with big dreams and goals but no way to achieve them. Thanks to you, she has the opportunities to fulfil her dreams, and she is seizing every one of them.


Champa Dey, 12 – Future Police Officer

It’s easy to want something better for your life. Even the poorest person on the planet does. Champa wants to become a police officer – and India needs more women on their police force to help change the culture of how women are treated.

But Champa’s father is a rickshaw-puller. This means he barely makes enough for them to live, let alone give his eldest daughter a chance to do something more with her life. And he’s got two other daughters after her.

Champa knows she’ll need to learn English to reach her goal, in addition to a lot more help with her schooling. She has longed to be able to read books in English like a few of her friends can do. When she found out her friends were in our education program, which couldn’t exist without your help, she wanted in.

Now, she’s learning English and math, and learning how to develop her character to prepare for future success. Eventually, she’s hoping our program can get her a chance to join the police force. And all this for a girl who lives with inadequate shelter, terrible roads, and unreliable electricity, in addition to barely having enough to survive.

Champa proves that anything is possible – when given the right opportunity.


Hotel Staff Placements

In 2016, E3 was able to place 31 young men and women who came from nothing into good jobs in the hotel industry. These jobs would have been totally out of reach without your help and support of E3 Job Growth.

Now, each of these young people has their first foot in the door and the chance to build a better future for themselves and their families.

We can do this again, and replicate it for many more aspiring young people who just need a little help to get their feet in the door. But we have to do it together – everyone from donors to job creators to community bridge-builders to the young men and women themselves who long for opportunities just like this one.


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