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Mother Teresa Award Project

Care for India’s Forgotten Poor Women and Mothers

The government doesn’t help them. Other organizations can’t help them.

But you can.

The forgotten women of India’s slums live hopeless and destitute lives. They suffer daily miseries, live in fear, and endure unsanitary conditions. They are hungry, and every day is a struggle to live.

And, most of them have kids, many of whom depend on Remedia’s Happy Hearts program for food, education, and medical care.

You can also provide care for these poor women in India. Your help tells them that someone out there cares about them. Someone wants them to smile again and believe that something better awaits them in their future.

Specifically, here’s what you can give to each woman entering the Happy Hearts Women’s centre:

  • Teach employable skills – like stitching, fabric dyeing, and needlework
  • Feed them once a week
  • Receive coaching and counsel to help them face and overcome personal challenges
  • Restore their hope that life can get better

The Mother Teresa Project is run by Jillian Haslam, who is Remedia’s Program Director. Jillian was given the Mother Teresa International Memorial Award in September 2017, in part for the work you make possible through Remedia. The Mother Teresa Project aims to carry out the great saint’s mission to care for and uplift the poorest of the poor.

That means the care and love you’re giving these women and children is like what Mother Teresa gave to them. One person at a time.

They have nothing. And without your help, they’ll always have nothing.

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