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India's Disabled

“Disabled? It’s Your Own Fault”

Karmic, Superstitious Society Too Often Blames Disabled Poor for Their Condition

This is Charlie. You can show him someone cares about him. That he matters. That his life has value.

Up to 50% of Indians – often including the family members of disabled poor people – believe that conditions like blindness, cerebral palsy, lost limbs, paralysis, and learning disabilities are caused by black magic, karma, and curses from various gods.

These beliefs are one reason some locals don’t help disabled poor adults and kids. It’s why so many live in such desperate poverty and despair. It’s easy to wash your hands of concern when a person deserves it.

Roni Talur Dhar – His ultra-poor family can’t support him

But you don’t believe that. And neither does Remedia. Give to India’s Disabled

Most kids and adults with disabilities just need help to live. That’s it. Basic needs – food, water, hygiene.

But many languish on the streets, ignored and uncared for. And many die, or suffer from extreme malnutrition, barely surviving.

Will you be a friend to India’s Disabled Poor?

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Disabled poor Deepak lost his hands in electrical accident in India and needs help to live

Deepak Pandey – Lost His Hands but Not His Hope

Deepak lost both hands to an electrical accident as a child. Since then, he’s lived his life depending on others for his basic needs.

The problem?

No one wants to help him, or other disabled poor people like him.

For just a few dollars a month, you can give Deepak all he needs to live, feel loved, and have friends.

I Want to Help Deepak Thrive

Urgent Need: Launch a Mobile Medical Unit


Most disabled people in India have no access to medical care. And even when they do, how can they get there? Many can’t even walk or see! What happens when they have a medical emergency?

India’s Disabled does what it can for the people who reach our doors, but we simply don’t have the resources to go out and treat urgent medical needs for disabled people like Michael Chang. If he had a sudden medical problem while out on his own, there’s no one to take him to a hospital. He could die.

We get calls like this all the time – “Come fast, he needs help!” – and we can’t get to them in time. India’s ambulance service is way undermanned and rarely serves the disabled poor in the slum areas, and its health care system is overflowing and can’t handle the need.

What’s the solution?

A Mobile Medical Unit. This is a specially equipped and staffed van that can travel to meet health care crises for the disabled, wherever they happen. The Mobile Medical Unit will save disabled poor people from even more suffering. And sometimes, it will save their lives.

To purchase two vans and operate them for a full year costs just $21,500.

For less than the cost of a single car in the UK, you can bring emergency medical aid to the disabled in India for an entire year.

Will you help us purchase and equip two Mobile Medical Units?

Give Medical Help to Disabled

Explore Below to learn more about how you can give new life and hope to destitute aged people in India

Your support of India’s Disabled is the only lifeline many disabled people have in India.

Learn more about the team and how your gifts and their tireless devotion touches hearts and saves lives!

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Because Everyone Deserves a Chance to Belong

When you treat the disabled poor in India just like anyone else wants to be treated, that’s like an assault on the widespread belief that “they deserve” their disabilities because of some mistake earlier in life.

You can break the stigma against disability in India by giving to the work of India’s Disabled.

Show the world these are real people.

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