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Happy Hearts For Kids

They Just Want a Chance.

Kids in the slums of India are just like other kids. They want to do well in school and in life, laugh and be happy, and be free from disease.

But so many kids needlessly suffer from preventable and treatable diseases. So many go without basic education because of caste barriers.

Many of their parents work all day pulling rickshaws and doing backbreaking work. But it’s not enough to provide for their kids.

You can be the difference.

Give to India’s Kids

Ishita Malik – 6 years old – Thalassemia was just the beginning

Born to a very poor family in Pardankuni, Ishita was diagnosed with this terrible blood disease soon after birth. Her father is a day labourer. Her mother does her best to care for Ishita and the family on very low income. Because thalassemia requires regular blood transfusions, Ishita’s mother struggles to get her to the hospital every time one is needed.

Learn more about how thalassemia affects a child’s life.

But in 2013, what was already a terrible situation spiralled out of control. One of Ishita’s blood transfusions was infected with Hepatitis C.

The money needed to treat both these diseases has overwhelmed Ishita’s parents. Without your help, Ishita would be slowly dying and getting no treatment.

But now, she’s getting treatment, and still has a chance to live a normal life. And, the burden has been lifted from her parents, so they still have hope for their own future, as well as their daughter’s.

A year’s worth of thalassemia treatments in India (medications and blood transfusions) costs about £400.

Will you help more kids in the slums like Ishita who suffer from treatable diseases?

Make Happy Hearts Well Again

Urgent Need: A New School


Kids attending Remedia’s Happy Learning Centers meet outside,
like this one, or in crowded rooms.
They sit on dirt floors, and write on the ground.

Why don’t some kids in the slums get to go to school in India? 4 reasons – and you can do something about all of them.

  • Caste discrimination. Some teachers flat out don’t believe ‘slum kids’ and ‘rag-pickers’ (a derogatory term used for kids who search for food in piles of garbage) can learn. In fact, we’ve had to let people go from our own team a couple times when we discovered they were holding kids back because of these ingrained stereotypes.
  • Poverty. Some kids in the slums are just too hungry and tired to make it. We’ve had kids show up famished. It’s hard to learn when you’re so weak from lack of proper nutrition. That’s why we feed them before we teach them.
  • Disease. Many kids in the slums have preventable and treatable diseases like tuberculosis and thalassemia. But their parents don’t have the money or the resources to do anything. So they stay home and suffer, and miss out on school.
  • Mental illness and autism. Most schools in India don’t have the training or resources to work with kids who have special needs. So they get no education at all.

Schools turn away kids like these, or they let them drift away and don’t go after them. How can you help?

We need our own facility. A new education building we can operate on our own where we teach the kids the other schools won’t teach. Where we can meet all their needs and help them learn. A place their parents can trust that will give their kids a chance at a better life.

Will you help us build a new school in India?

Help Build a School

See what you can do to give destitute kids in the slums a chance at a better life.

Learn more about what India’s Kids does to break the cycle of poverty, and what you can do to help. Education, health, disease treatment, and basic needs – you can cut off the roots of poverty.

Learn About India’s Kids

What is this blood disease few in the Western world have heard about but that affects millions of kids in India (like Ishita)?

Get informed. Then get involved.

Learn about Thalassemia

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Meet the Amazing Happy Hearts Staff

They’re doing life-changing work for kids in the slums of India, made possibly only because of your donations. Come meet the people who see the kids every day.

Meet Happy Hearts Staff

Kids Now Excelling Because of Your Gifts and Donations

Click on the images to meet some of the kids who are thriving and healthy because of your help.

Health. Learning. Joy. This is Your Gift to Kids on India’s Streets..

The impact of your gift multiplies over a lifetime for the boy or girl who receives it.

Please give to India’s kids in the slums, and give these kids a chance!

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