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You Don’t Have to Wait Years to See Things Change in Big Ways

Here are three ways you can get involved with Remedia’s charities to profoundly impact the lives of the poor and forgotten.

Kindness for Christmas Campaign

We asked our charities what items they need most urgently, right now. Here’s what they told us.

Choose the one you can do today, contact us for how to donate your item, and we’ll show your gift touching someone’s life in future photos.

Needs met:

#28: Life insurance policies for poor kids
#27: Christmas tree party for slum kids
#26: Breakfast for the aged on a Sunday
#25: Blood apparatus for kids with thalassemia
#24: Exam fees for girl who couldn’t afford them
#23: Blankets for people living on streets in India
#22: Eye checkups for 3 elderly poor
#21: Jam and bread for kids in Happy Hearts study centres
#20: Christmas celebration for poor elderly
#19: Sweaters for kids
#18: Birthday cake for child in need
#17: Helping adults open bank accounts
#16: Visiting and comforting disabled kids
#15: Donating clothes to the poor
#14: Giving water to thirsty elderly on street
#13: Students teaching other students
#12: Teaching kids to be generous
#11: Eye checkups for blind kids
#10: Food for elderly
#1-9: 9 wheelchairs given to disabled poor in India

See photos of these gifts being given on our Facebook page

Give Kindness for Christmas

Big Need: Indoor Karate Facility

Ayesha Noor’s Empowering Girls class teaches karate and self-defence to girls in India. But they meet outside – rain or shine. Torrential monsoon rain or baking hot sun, that is. Or they just have to cancel class that day, putting her girls behind in their training and personal growth.

What they need is an indoor training facility.

Make it possible for the Empowering Girls to train inside, safely and comfortably, without missing a step.

Build Indoor Karate Center


Big Need: Mobile Medical Unit

Especially for the disabled and aged poor in India, medical care is at best a luxury, and at worst non-existent. Too many people need help, and the system can’t care for them all.

Most of the time, in the slum areas especially, it can’t even reach them.

You can reach them. Help fund a mobile medical unit that will go out and help people suffering from medical emergencies.

Give what you can until we reach the goal! The full cost is just £21,500.

Give Mobile Medical Care


Big Change Has Happened

Here’s where you can see what some other people have already done. We received an incredible gift of 9 wheelchairs for India’s Disabled.

These went to people who had broken chairs or none at all. They couldn’t move at all in some cases! Now, they can move as safely and smoothly as possible if there’s no one else to help them.

They can get to our food centres and community events, see their friends, and be loved and cared for.

Thank you to our generous donor!

Visit our Urgent Needs page for more big projects you can make happen!


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