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Previous Project – Self-Defence for Girls

‘It’s My Future’

Calcutta’s ‘Empowering Girls’ Fought Back Against Sexual Assault and Fear

You’ve read the headlines about abuse, rape, and crimes against women and girls in India.

Though this program is no longer in operation, for several years Remedia used the Empowering Girls charity to teach girls self-confidence through karate. It was a 3-6 month self-defence training class taught by Ayesha Noor – a 3-time gold medallist in karate.

The Empowering Girls program also focused on the mind and the workplace. The girls gained job skills ranging from stitching to computers. They also got help with their school work.

Remedia’s E3 Job Growth program now operates 6-month vocational training courses that teach many more skills to women of all ages who want jobs but don’t have the skills.

See the E3 courses being taught today.

For the younger girls, Remedia’s Happy Hearts schools help them succeed in school with tutoring, education they can’t get in overcrowded government schools, and healthy meals.

See what Happy Hearts is doing to help kids escape generational poverty.

Ayesha Noor teaches self defence for girls in India



Humaira Shamim – “I can walk freely now”

Humaira learned self defence and karate from Empowering Girls of India

When Humaira first showed up for Ayesha’s karate classes, she was nervous. Living in a tiny hut with few resources, she was used to being scared just walking around her neighbourhood, and she felt weak.

But she didn’t miss a single day of the Empowering Girls class. She learned self-defence techniques and grew in confidence. Humaira says, “My confidence level has gone up and I’m not scared of anything, anymore.”

See What Remedia’s Now-Closed Empowering Girls Class Looked Like

Girls from extreme poverty learn karate, self-discipline, and personal self-defence skills

View Empowering Girls Photos

Overcoming epilepsy, the death of her father, and great poverty, Ayesha’s story gained worldwide attention.

Read Ayesha’s Story

Meet Empowering Girls’ Staff

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Meet the Empowering Girls – Karate Students Who’ve Come From Poverty to Follow in the Gold-Medallist’s Footsteps

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Give to Remedia. Empower Women and Girls.

Though the Empowering Girls program has ended, India remains a country that still doesn’t value girls as much as boys, and values poor girls from low castes even less.

You can change that. You can give girls a chance to break barriers of every kind, and gain the confidence they’ll need to escape poverty.

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