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E3 Vocational Training Schools Empower Women with In-Demand Job Skills

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For women living in poverty in India’s large urban slums and outlying areas, escaping poverty has little to do with desire or ambition. It has much more to do with opportunity.

While India has modernized to some extent, its institutions simply can’t meet the overwhelming needs of their large population. Schools are overcrowded and inadequate for the task, and many get left behind or left out altogether.

That’s where you come in, through the E3 Vocational Training Schools. E3 stands for Education, Empowerment, and Employability.

Through E3, you get to do far more than just keep people alive. You give them the job skills and the opportunity to permanently escape poverty for themselves, and their future generations.

These highly focused programs teach practical and in-demand job skills in a workshop-based setting. It’s hands on training taught by skilled instructors.

Here are the vocational training programs E3 and Remedia currently provide.



Beauty School

photo of beautician class in e3 vocational training school in india

This six month program also runs five days a week, and trains women with skills they can use to work in beauty salons and shops.

There is a growing marketplace for this in India, and for women who gain the skills now, it can be the boost they need to increase their income security and escape the cynicism that breeds from entrenched poverty.

This program teaches beauty skills such as:

  • Facial cleansing and scrubbing
  • Manicures and pedicures
  • Head and body massage
  • Hair cutting and styling
  • Threading
  • Lash shaping
  • Bridal make-up

Women emerge equipped with the ability to work in salons, or if motivated and supported enough, to start their own businesses.

Secretarial School

photo of secretarial class in e3 vocational training school in india

This six month program runs five days a week, and trains women with basic office skills they can then go use to apply for entry-level jobs in the city centers.

This program teaches skills such as:

  • Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint
  • Basic computer skills and typing
  • Administrative duties, such as ordering supplies, making appointments
  • Communication skills – letters, faxes, emails
  • Customer service in person and on the phone
  • Planning business trips and itineraries
  • Bookkeeping and vendor development
  • Business attire
  • Personal development
  • How to ace a job interview

You can see the breadth of subjects students learn in this program. They emerge with so many new skills that countless doors to job opportunities that were closed to them before will now be open.

Poverty, despair, and feeling trapped will be replaced with hope, confidence, and determination for each woman that goes through this course.

Tailoring School

photo of tailoring class in e3 vocational training school in india

India is well-known for its beautiful and colorful clothing and apparel. E3’s Tailoring School helps women in poverty gain the skills they need to jump in the mix of this thriving industry.

The six month Tailoring School teaches women the skills they need to do one of three things:

  • Get a tailoring job with another company or business owner
  • Work in a tailoring business we are setting up for them
  • Start their own tailoring business

With your help, Remedia provides the sewing machines and materials needed for all the women to complete the course work. The skills they learn include sewing, design, and embroidery. There is an end-of-course exam they must pass to certify their mastery of these skills.

Turn Jobless Women into Confident Entrepreneurs

This is the vision for E3. It’s not just eking out a living. It’s about changing lives and upending the cycle of poverty that is so hard to break, especially in the large slums where habits and expectations become fixtures for life, holding millions back from the a better life.

With your help, these women will do much more than learn job skills in a vocational training program. They’ll gain the confidence to go out and start their own businesses, or partner up and work together.

Hundreds of women have already taken these courses, but the demand is exploding. Our Facebook posts and comments are being responded to by tens of thousands.

Women want in. They want the opportunities these courses provide.

And right now, we’re only offering these courses in one city in India – near Kolkata. With more help from people like you who want to fight poverty at its roots, we can expand these three powerful vocational training courses to many more cities.


Calcutta’s ‘Empowering Girls’ Fought Back Against Sexual Assault and Fear

You’ve read the headlines about abuse, rape, and crimes against women and girls in India.

Though this program is no longer in operation, for several years Remedia used the Empowering Girls charity to teach girls self-confidence through karate. It was a 3-6 month self-defence training class.

The Empowering Girls program also focused on the mind and the workplace. The girls gained job skills ranging from stitching to computers. They also got help with their school work.

Remedia’s E3 Job Growth program now operates 6-month vocational training courses that teach many more skills to women of all ages who want jobs but don’t have the skills.

For the younger girls, Remedia’s Happy Hearts schools help them succeed in school with tutoring, education they can’t get in overcrowded government schools, and healthy meals.

See what Happy Hearts is doing to help kids escape generational poverty.


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