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E3 Job Growth

This is How You Abolish Extreme Poverty

The only way to ultimately change life for India’s poor is with jobs. Meeting basic needs like food and medical care is essential to live today. But what about next year? And what about the next generation?

Shall we go on repeating the same cycles of broken families, addictions, illiteracy, and poverty? No!

But how do we create jobs for people with no job skills? Answer: We give them the skills!

In 2005, 89% of Indian young people (15-24) had zero vocational training. It’s not much better today.

By helping fund the E3 Job Growth program, you can change that for ready-to-work young people.

E3 gives Education, Employability, and Empowerment to young people in India.

Will you help give life skills and job skills to India’s young people?

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An Unskilled Life is a Hopeless Life

Imagine growing up with little education. Your parents are gone all day working nonstop just to meet your basic needs and those of your siblings. You rarely go to school because you have no supplies. You can’t read well. You’re often hungry. You know your only future is pulling carts and selling fruit in dirty streets, or cleaning someone else’s house.

It’s hopeless.

This is life for far too many in India. It’s one reason so many fall into crime and addictions.

The E3 Job Growth program is changing the future. It accepts young people who want to work but don’t have the skills to get better jobs like basic customer service, retail, clerical, and hotel jobs.

We’re not talking college-level work. But these are jobs with a future that give a decent income.

The only thing stopping these motivated young people? Basic life and employability skills.

It doesn’t take a four year degree to get this done. E3 takes just one year to complete. Participants enter with little sense of who they are and lacking basic communication skills.

They leave equipped to solve problems, cope with stress and emotion, exhibit empathy, and think creatively and critically.

They’ll also have interview skills, telephone skills, customer service skills, computer, admin, and many other highly employable and transferable skills.

In short, E3 takes young people from the streets, and puts them in the suites.


How Much Does the E3 Job Growth program cost?

Because most of the participants still have to do their regular labor jobs while they take this program, we provide the following incentives to help them succeed:

  • A morning and evening nutritious meal – remove this burden so they can focus on their personal transformation
  • Charge them a small monthly fee that they get back – with interest – upon graduation
  • Supportive learning environment

Those incentives enable each person to go through the life skills1, communication skills, and employability skills2 portions of the E3 Job Growth program.

For each person, the full program costs just $120.91 per month, or $1450.87 per year.

Your committed partnership will give permanent life change to one person each year. You’ll open up worlds of opportunity, sow self-confidence, and unleash talent. Your partnership will be like turning the power back on, and a whole city block lights up anew.

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1Adapted from a UNESCO report
2Certified by the Association of Integrative Psychology, USA

Explore below to discover how E3 Job Growth taps into talent that’s been buried in poverty and despair.

See how the E3 Job Growth program works. The classes we teach, structure, timelines, outcomes – it’s all here.

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Meet The Staff

Meet some of the young men and women who were once trapped in a world of hopelessness and poverty, who now have good jobs and bright futures.

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Make a Difference That Will Change the World

World change happens when opportunities expand. That’s not just food or medicine. That’s jobs.

If we are serious about truly ending extreme poverty in India (and around the world), we need to empower the young people to get and succeed in jobs that have a future.

E3 Job Growth was created to do just that. But it only works with your support. So…

Do you want to change the world?

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