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Give to Projects

Help Reach BIG Goals for Urgent Long Term Needs

Give India’s Poor the Foundation on Which to Build Their New Lives

We can’t do what needs to be done without you.

Even the best daily care for elders, children, and disabled only meets immediate needs. You keep them alive. You give them a chance no one else will give them.

But there are deeper needs we simply can’t meet. Our volunteers have to watch desperately impoverished people be turned away because we don’t have the facilities to care for specific needs.

Here are 4 big projects that now sit unfinished, waiting for someone who cares enough to turn them into reality.

Over 60 Night Shelter

The elderly poor in India often have nowhere to go at night. Nowhere safe, that is. Nowhere clean, dry, and free of putrid smells and pests.

Help start a night shelter to give the elderly poor a safe, clean place to stay at night.


Mobile Medical Unit

The children and the disabled often have no way to get medical help in an emergency. This money will purchase two vans, stock them with medical supplies, and pay for the nurses who will operate them.

Save people from dying from medical crises. Fund a mobile medical unit.


New School for Poor Children

Poor children from low castes, kids with diseases like thalassemia and hepatitis, and disabled kids often get thrown out of school because it’s too hard to help them. Or just from fear and misunderstanding.

All kids deserve a place to learn. Help start a new school for kids who’ve been thrown out of the regular ones.


Indoor Karate Facility for Girls

Ayesha’s karate classes for girls meet outside. But in searing heat or monsoon storms, they can’t, and the girls lose out.

An indoor facility would mean they could learn to protect themselves year-round. All they need is a place to rent.

Give India’s girls a safe and dry place to learn self-defence and build confidence


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