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Aging Smiles

Revive the Hearts of Broken and Discarded Elderly

Do you know the meaning of destitution? Come see the elderly poor withering on the streets of India, and you will.

So often elderly relatives in India get abandoned, forgotten, or even disowned by their grown children. Some can’t support them. Some just don’t want to.

But that leaves many aged people wandering streets, sick, sometimes disabled, afraid of being robbed, and unable to even meet their basic needs. And the pain inflicted on their hearts hurts even more than their persistently unfilled stomachs.
You can help with both pains.

Give food and spark new life for the unsupported aged in India.

Give to Aging Smiles

Jean Smith – Abandoned and Left to Die

Her son wants nothing to do with her. She’s too old to work for much. She has no support from anyone.

After trying to make ends meet, it finally fell apart for Jean as her age crept up and despair and isolation consumed her. Searching the streets of Calcutta for a new place to stay every night, Jean is homeless. But even worse, she was friendless and without family or love.

Jean had nothing.

But now, thanks to you, Jean has something.

She has a dependable source for monthly rations she could otherwise never afford. She has a place to come where she is known, valued, and cared for. She even gets to do a little craft-making and knitting.

But more importantly of all – she is loved.

Many more elderly poor in India face the same hopeless despair every morning when their weary eyes open. Government aid doesn’t reach people like these.

Please help Jean and other aged people in India receive food, shelter, and a place to belong.

Give to Elderly Poor.

Urgent Need: Fund an Over-60 Night Shelter


Can you imagine your grandmother or grandfather sleeping outside on dusty, smelly, noisy streets?

Vulnerable to thieves and drug addicts who will beat or even kill them for what little they have? With bugs buzzing in their ears all night, and the bustle of night invading their restless minds? With open sewers and fetid water nearby? With nowhere to wash or do basic hygiene?

Picture your grandmother in that.

You’d be outraged!

This is life for the abandoned elderly poor in India. They have nowhere to cook meals. And nothing to cook with if they did. They go to sleep every night alone, knowing the next day will be as crushing as the last.

What they need is a night shelter. A place to sleep. One that only admits people over 60 so it’s safe. Opening and running this shelter will cost just $23,000 for the entire year, and will allow elderly people to sleep in safety and peace.

Giving rations helps the elderly poor survive, but they also need a clean place to sleep.

Will you help us reach our goal and create a shelter for the elderly in India?

Help Open Night Shelter

Explore Below to learn more about how you can give new life and hope to destitute aged people in India

Learn more about how Aging Smiles touches the lives and hearts of our elderly friends in India.

Learn about Aging Smiles

“It lightens my heart to see these people with a smile on their faces.” – Nicole Joseph

Meet Nicole and the team who are helping create an outbreak of smiles.

Meet the Staff

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Aged People Who’ve Come ‘Back to Life’ Because of Your Gifts and Donations

Meet a few of India’s ‘forgotten’ elderly poor who are vibrant and happy only because of your generosity.

Put a Smile Back Where it Belongs – on the Faces of the Forgotten Elderly Poor

Your gifts save people’s lives. These elderly people in India could die without your help. Life on their streets is that fearful and uncertain.

Please give to the Aging Smiles.

You will revive spirits and hearts as you wipe away loneliness, hunger, and fear from their newly smiling faces.

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